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What’s the Best Price for an EV SSL Certificate?

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Get the lowest EV SSL certificate price to meet your website security & identity needs

If you’re looking for the best EV SSL certificate at the best price, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s jump into EV SSL certificate prices and how you can get the best deal for your needs.

Why Are EV SSL Certificate Prices Higher?

It’s definitely true that EV SSL certificates cost more than domain validation (DV) or organization validation (OV) SSL certificates. But why is that? It really comes down to how much work is required. Extended validation SSL certificates take a lot more time for certificate authorities (CAs) to issue due to the in-depth validation process and requirements. DV certificates can be validated and issued automatically with no human-involvement, but EV SSL certificates require manual research and validation prior to issuance.

Value of EV SSL Certificates

An EV SSL certificate offers several unique benefits that an DV certificate doesn’t:

  • Shows customers the legal entity that operates a website, increasing customer trust.
  • Displays your verified company name in the browser.
  • Helps you comply with regulations in the European Union (EU) and elsewhere.
  • Assists antivirus software in distinguishing your legitimate website from phishing and scam sites.

What EV SSL Certificate Features Do You Need?

All EV SSL certificates enable the same core features — 2048-bit private key, 256-bit encryption, verified company name displayed in browser, etc. But there are a few other features that vary by product, including:

  • Warranties: Comodo EV SSL warranties range from $1 million to $2 million.
  • Site Seals: Different EV SSL certificates come with different site seals. Choose one with a well-known site seal that customers will recognize.
  • Site Coverage: While EV SSL can’t support wildcards for subdomains, you can get an EV multi domain certificate to secure multiple domains on a single certificate.

Get the Lowest EV SSL Price: 3 Recommended Options

Don’t get confused by all the options. Here are the top 3 EV SSL certificates we recommend, depending on your needs.

Lowest EV SSL Price: Positive SSL EV

If you’re looking for the lowest price on an EV SSL certificate, look no further than the PositiveSSL EV. Get all the features of EV plus a $1 million warranty for just $72.18 per year.

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Lowest Priced EV For Multiple Domains: PositiveSSL EV Multi Domain

If you have multiple domains, we recommend the PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain certificate. This is just like the PositiveSSL EV, except it secures multiple domains instead of just one. It covers three domains by default, and you can expand it to secure up to a total of 250 domains. This certificate starts at just $129.05 per year.

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Best EV Price with Premium Warranty and Site Seal

If you want a higher warranty and a premium site seal (such as one offered by Comodo CA/Sectigo) we recommend going with Comodo EV SSL. This certificate comes with a $1.75 million warranty and starts at just $141.11 per year.

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Get a Comodo EV SSL Certificate for as little as $141.11 per year!
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