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Comodo Email Certificate Renewal Steps

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Step-by-step instructions for renewing your email signing certificate

Renewing your Email Signing Certificate is just as simple as renewing any other Comodo digital certificate, especially when you do it with When your email certificate is set to expire, we will notify you at regular intervals leading up to the deadline.

All you have to do is follow the Comodo email certificate renewal prompts and we’ll have you checked out and ready to go in no time.

How To Start Your Comodo Email Certificate Renewal

Unlike with SSL, email signing certificates come in one variety: Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates. So renewing isn’t really a matter of picking a new certificate or deciding to stay with the same one. It’s a quick 1:1 transaction.

To renew your Comodo email certificate, simply purchase a new Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate and install it:

Renew An Email Certificate

How easy was that?

Why do email signing certificates expire?

Security. Pure and simple. If email signing certificates never expired, they would outlive the individuals they’re authenticating and open up the potential for all kinds of impersonation and malfeasance. Not good. So instead Comodo requires you to undergo validation again every year or so, just to be sure that you’re still who you say you are. After all, there’s a lot of stock put into the digital signature provided by your email signing certificate.

That signature is the difference between the inbox and the spam folder in most cases. It can be business critical. It can also endanger the recipients of your email if it’s ever compromised. That’s why Comodo takes these certificates so seriously.

But that’s probably more information than you need. You just want to know how to renew your Comodo email certificate. Let’s make the comodo email certificate renewal process simple:

Renew My Comodo Email Certificate