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How To Fix NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED Error in Google Chrome

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ERR_CERT_REVOKED is a serious server-side error, and should not be ignored or bypassed

Chances are you arrived at this page because you received a NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error in Google Chrome that looked a bit like this:

Privacy error ERR_CERT_REVOKED

Unfortunately, this is not a client-side error, meaning that this problem has to be fixed by the website owner or manager.

If you’re not the website manager:

Don’t proceed past this warning. Contact the website owner with:

  • The detailed error message you receieved
  • The webpage you were trying to access
  • A link to this article

What causes an ERR_CERT_REVOKED message?

This problem is caused when the SSL certificate (the technology that enables HTTPS security) for the website you’re visiting has been revoked by the Certificate Authority that issued it. There are a number of reasons this could have happened:

  • the site may have requested it,
  • the CA may have discovered a mis-issuance of the certificate, or
  • the key may have been compromised.

Regardless of the reason, until the website deals with the issue and replaces the revoked SSL certificate with a new one, you should avoid the website as it is not secure.

How to fix NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED if you’re the site owner

Unfortunately, if you’re seeing this error message that means your SSL certificate has been revoked.

Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy fix:

  • Contact your SSL provider immediately to determine the cause (assuming you weren’t the one who requested the revocation in the first place), or
  • Purchase a new SSL certificate and install it on your website

We recommend replacing your SSL certificate ASAP because this is a global error – all of your website users are getting browser errors.

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How to get a new SSL certificate issued quickly

If you were using a business authentication SSL certificate (OV or EV), you may want to consider temporarily getting a DV certificate like a Comodo PositiveSSL to get your website back up quickly. You can get a DV certificate validated and issued in about 5 minutes or less. You can then go ahead and get a new OV/EV certificate to install later once that longer validation process has been completed.

Important Security Precautions

Additionally, do not re-use a CSR or Private Key with your new certificate. Make sure that you replace everything so there isn’t any carryover from your previous issues.

We hope that helps you resolve your NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED issue. As always, if you have any more questions our Customer Experience team is waiting by on chat.

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