Is there a free Multi-Domain SSL certificate?

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Unfortunately, there is no free multi-domain SSL certificate, but there is a low-cost option

Now that a basic single site domain validation SSL certificate can be had for free, one of the most common questions we get is whether there’s a free Multi-Domain certificate. There is not currently a free Multi-Domain SSL available. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.)

You have two choices if you’re running a shoestring budget and need a solution for securing multiple domains:

  • Secure each domain individually using free certificates.
  • Choose a low-cost multi-domain SSL. You might be surprised by just how cost-effective some of Comodo’s multi-domain solutions are.

Why don’t they offer free Multi-Domain SSL certificates?

Well, it’s a mixture of issues. Security is a concern as the validation taking place for a free single site certificate is already somewhat lax, rubber-stamping multiple sites across multiple servers based on a single CSR could bring even more problems.

It also takes more for certificate authorities to issue a multi-domain certificate (eg handling the subject alternative name (SAN) fields) instead of single domain or Wildcard certificate. The concept may be revisited in the future, but for now there’s no FREE multi-domain SSL certificate option.

What’s the best price for a Multi-Domain SSL certificate?

It depends on what validation level you’re looking for. Here’s the best value at each level:

Domain Validation – PositiveSSL Multi-Domain – $19.49 per year

PositiveSSL is Comodo’s entry-level line. It features the lowest prices, but doesn’t come with all the Comodo branding and extra perks that you would get from some of Comodo’s higher end products. You won’t find a better price on a Multi-Domain anywhere, we guarantee it! This is the closest thing to a free multi-domain SSL certificate on the market.
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Organization Validation – Comodo Multi-Domain SSL – $121.06 per year

The Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificate is an affordable way to add business authentication to your Multi-Domain solution. Comodo can typically validate this certificate within a single business day making it quick and inexpensive to encrypt your entire portfolio of sites.
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Extended Validation – PostiveSSL EV Multi-Domain – $133.75 per year

Back to the PositiveSSL line, the PositiveSSL EV and the PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain are the two cheapest ways to get the green address bar indicator on your website in the entire SSL industry. The lack of Comodo branding is rendered moot by the presence of your organization’s name beside the URL in the address bar.
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While there’s no free multi-domain SSL certificate available, Comodo offers very low-cost multi-domain options that fit any budget. All Comodo SSL certificates come with a site seal, the 256-bit encryption, a warranty, and more.

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