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Cloudflare SSL vs Comodo SSL and Positive SSL

Cloudflare SSL vs Comodo SSL. Two different SSL certificates from two different certificate authorities (CAs). You may be wondering what the differences are and whether one is better than the other. That’s why we’re here — to provide you with a comparison and some context of what each company offers concerning SSL/TLS certificates and encryption.


DigiCert vs Comodo SSL Certificates — What You Should Know

Take the tediousness out of comparing DigiCert vs Comodo SSL certificates

Shopping for SSL certificates for your website can be frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why you’re here: to learn about DigiCert vs Comodo CA (powered by Sectigo) and their SSL


How Can I Find My Comodo Code Signing Certificate Private Key?

Your code signing certificate private key was generated on your own system when you first configured your Comodo Code Signing Certificate. So long as you followed the steps to check and backed up your key, you should be fine. Even if it’s deleted accidentally, you’ll still have the backup copy.


Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt

Comodo vs Let’s Encrypt…a side-by-side comparison of two the internet’s most popular SSL certificates

Comodo Positive SSL certificates and Let’s Encrypt certificates are two of the most popular SSL certificates being deployed on the internet today. But which one of these two certificates is best for you and your website? Is free really better than paid? Is it better to have a certificate that expires in two years or just three months? Let’s compare Comodo SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL and find out.


Comodo Encryption For Emails, Documents, & Websites

Comodo CA is the world leader in encryption solutions.

Comodo CA offers a range of encryption options for all use cases. Encryption has never been more important than it is right now. The world has never been more focused on its privacy and good data security is a big part of that.


What is Comodo?

Comodo is trusted by 700,000 customers

Learn more about the world’s leader in security

Comodo is trusted by 700,000 customersComodo is the world leader in cybersecurity and digital certificates. As the internet has evolved, so has Comodo. From its early days as a vendor of antivirus software, Comodo has emerged as one of the biggest players in the cybersecurity industry.

Comodo was built on a foundation of trust. The internet is worthless without it. Digital transactions, communication and just data, in general, need to be secure and trustworthy in order for things online to work properly.


What is a Comodo Secure Seal?

Comodo Secure Site Seal

The Comodo secure site seal boosts consumer confidence by showing your website has been vetted by a trusted source

Comodo Secure Site Seal61% of internet users have cancelled a transaction because the website had no site seal.* That’s because few things communicate that a website is safe quite like a well-placed Comodo Secure site seal. A site seal (aka a trust seal, logo, or icon) is a visual stamp that communicates the trustworthiness of your website by showing that your company or organization has successfully been vetted by Comodo. Showing this visual security icon builds trust and improves conversion rates.