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What is Comodo?

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Learn more about the world’s leader in security

Comodo is trusted by 700,000 customersComodo is the world leader in cybersecurity and digital certificates. As the internet has evolved, so has Comodo. From its early days as a vendor of antivirus software, Comodo has emerged as one of the biggest players in the cybersecurity industry.

Comodo was built on a foundation of trust. The internet is worthless without it. Digital transactions, communication and just data, in general, need to be secure and trustworthy in order for things online to work properly.

From a single proprietor of a small business to the largest Enterprise, Comodo works to provide a trustworthy, secure environment to thrive in.

Comodo accomplishes this with:

  • Authentication – Everything, from individuals to businesses and organizations, and even content itself, Comodo can provide the authentication that’s needed to ensure integrity and proof of identity.
  • Information Security – Comodo uses its universally trusted PKI to encrypt data at all stages of its life cycle: both in transit and at rest.
  • Website Security – Products like cWatch keep websites safe from a range of threats. When Comodo is standing vigil over your site, you can rest easy.
  • PC Security – Comodo’s antivirus program is critically acclaimed and has been installed 85-million of times.

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More facts about Comodo

  • Comodo has over 700,000 customers and 8,000 global partners and affiliates
  • Comodo has the largest market share in the SSL industry, 42.5%
  • Comodo’s market share across the Alexa One Million is 47%
  • Comodo has issued more than 100-million digital certificates
  • Comodo recently sold part of its CA to Francisco Partners, and the certificate authority is being rebranded as Sectigo

What Is Comodo?