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Installing a Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate on Nginx

Install SSL on Nginx A Step-by-Step Guide on Installing a Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate on Nginx Comodo SSL offers a high level of web security by allowing you to encrypt communication between your website and its visitors. Having an SSL Certificate is one of the best ways to boost your brand value as well as your Google ranking. If you are looking for directions on the installation of an SSL Certificate on Nginx, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to install PositiveSSL on Nginx In order to Continue Reading

How to Generate CSR & Install an SSL Certificate on Plesk 12

Install SSL on Parallels Plesk Panel A step-by-step guide to generate CSR & installing SSL on your Plesk 12 Server Generating CSR Code and Installing an SSL Certificate on Plesk 12 is a fairly straight-forward process—as long as you have a guide. Fortunately, you’ve found one. Just pay attention, follow the steps in this guide and we’ll have your SSL Certificate installed in no time. Before we get going though, you’ll need to have your SSL Certificate issued. If you haven’t gotten it issued, it’s no big deal, Continue Reading

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing SSL Certificates on Ubuntu with Apache Servers

Install SSL on Ubuntu with Apache Servers Everything you need to know about installing SSL certificate on Ubuntu with Apache servers Installing an SSL Certificate on Ubuntu with Apache servers is a fairly straightforward process if you have the right guide—otherwise it can be a massive headache. You can do it yourself or you could use our handy installation service. For those who aren’t particularly tech savvy – or who don’t feel like messing with this installation – our service is a great value. For just $59.99, a dedicated tech Continue Reading

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing an SSL Certificate

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing an SSL Certificate Here are 9 commonly made errors while installing SSL—and how to avoid them Installing an SSL Certificate on your own server can be a huge challenge unless you speak fluent computer. Most of us don’t. But for some reason, many of us still attempt to install SSL on our own servers. If you have the right guide and made informed decisions along the way, then you have nothing to worry about. But be honest, that doesn't always happen. In fact, a lot of times it doesn't happen. So before you do any Continue Reading

Step-by-Step procedure to generate a CSR and install an SSL Certificate on a Tomcat web server

Generate a CSR and Install an SSL on your Tomcat server in no time Tomcat is an open-source web-server by Apache Software Foundation, which executes Java servlets and provides web-pages that include Java Server Page coding. Often, it is described as ‘reference implementation’ of Java Server page specifications and Java Servlet. It is available from Apache’s website in primary and source version and can be used as a single product with its own internal server or in a group with other web-servers Continue Reading

Stepwise Guide on Installing SSL certificates on Microsoft IIS 8, 8.5 and 10 for Single and Multiple certificates using SNI

SSL Installing Guide for IIS 8 & 8.5 Step-by-Step instructions on Installing SSL Certificate on Microsoft IIS 8, 8.5 and 10 Sometimes an SSL installation procedure can go totally wrong leaving you in a complete mess. All lost and confused with no clue how to proceed. That is exactly the reason why a detailed step-wise guide is so important when it comes to installing an SSL certificate on a server. Comodo SSL Certificates – Save 30-85% You’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate before you start the install process. If you Continue Reading

Learn About SSL Installation on an Apache Web Server

Apache Logo A Step-by-Step Guide on Installing SSL Certificate on an Apache Web Server Due to the increased rate of online shopping the need for an SSL certificate is essential for all web-based e-commerce businesses. SSL security plays a central role in terms of establishing the trust and confidence of users, which ultimately influences and improves the return of investment.Its primary function of encryption and decryption strength protects user information while exchanging it over the Internet. And the second Continue Reading

Beginners’ Guide to Comodo SSL certificate

Everything you wanted to know about Comodo SSL certificates Netscape developed SSL in February 1995 as a response to the increasing risk of security over the internet. Their aim was to secure the communication between the client and the web-server. Over the years, SSL has become an integral part of web-security. It is a standard protocol for establishing a secured connection between web-server and web-browser. The certificate relies on a standard technology to encrypt the private data being transmitted Continue Reading

Procedure for a FREE Re-Issuing of a Comodo SSL Certificate

Want to re-issue your Comodo SSL certificate for free? Here’s how you can do it Comodo offers all its users a feature of unlimited re-issuance of their SSL certificates at no extra cost. However, a user can re-issue only an SSL certificate that is active and it depends on the SSL certificate’s type. Also, users should bear in mind that the re-issuing of a certificate requires domain-control validations and may further need the authentication of company details. Before getting too much into Continue Reading

How to Secure a Website: A Guide for Small Businesses

how to secure website Among global companies that Hiscox ranks as experts (based on their cyber readiness model), 36% report their website as the first point of entry for attackers. We’ll break down 10 common website security risks & 10 tips for how to secure your website without breaking the bank There are few things worse than sitting down to work in the morning and realizing that your website has been hacked overnight. As if losing sales isn’t bad enough, having a hacked website also means that your Continue Reading