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Comodo Code Signing vs GoDaddy Code Signing Certificates

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Get a side-by-side comparison of these two brands of code signing certificates

If you are like most customers and find yourself here because you seek to purchase a code signing certificate and want to do your research first, we bid you welcome. At Comodo SSL Store, we wish to help you with your mission of comparing code signing certificates — such as Comodo vs GoDaddy code signing certificates — so you can make an informed decision.

In your research, you’ve likely seen that some companies have had serious digital security certificate issues in recent years. However, rest assured that when you purchase code signing certs from Comodo SSL Store, you don’t have to worry about Comodo CA revoking the wrong certificates or renewing certificates without warning (we’re looking at you, GoDaddy).

As one of the world’s largest SSL and code signing certificate sellers, we have a lot of industry support behind us saying how great Comodo code signing certificates are. (Seriously, just look at our ShopperApproved and our Reviews page.) We could easily tell why you should purchase them over another company’s product, such as a GoDaddy code signing certificate. But why should we simply tell you when we can instead show you the benefits of choosing Comodo vs GoDaddy code signing certificates?

Comparing Comodo vs GoDaddy code signing certificates

For this section, we’ve created an opportunity for you to have a side-by-side comparison of our popular Comodo code signing certificates with GoDaddy code signing certificates.

Brand Comodo CA (from Comodo SSL Store) GoDaddy
Type of Certificate Comodo Code Signing Certificates GoDaddy Code Signing Certificates
Cost for One Year $313.50.00/year Discontinued
Cost for Two Years $531.30 ($265.65/year) Discontinued
Cost for Three Years $658.35 ($219.45/year) Discontinued
Issuance 1-3 Days Up to 30 Days
2048-bit Digital Signature YES YES
Sign 32- and 64-bit executables YES YES
Sign Microsoft Authenticode YES YES
Sign Windows 8/10 YES YES
Sign Java YES YES
Sign Mozilla YES YES
Sign Adobe AIR YES YES
Sign Microsoft Office YES YES
Compatible with Mobile & Desktop (Windows, Apple, and Java) YES YES
24/7 Technical Support YES YES
EV Option to Bypass Microsoft SmartScreen Filter YES YES
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee YES YES
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Why pay more when both products do the same thing?

As you can see, a Comodo code signing certificate from Comodo SSL Store is less than half of the cost of purchasing a comparable GoDaddy code signing certificate. Why would you want to spend more money on something that offers the same (or less) value for more than twice the cost? Keep that extra money in your budget where it belongs or use it on something else you want or need — like that new deluxe coffee maker you’ve been eyeing for the office.

Regardless of whether you choose Comodo vs GoDaddy: Why should you use a Code Signing Certificate?

Code signing is a process that allows programmers to include information about their company in the software in its code using an encrypted signature and timestamp. What this does is allow a publisher to digitally sign executable files so customers can verify who created the code and that it has remained unaltered since it was signed. In a nutshell, it helps to protect the integrity of the software and warns users who try to download it if something is wrong. Comodo code signing certificates help to increase customer confidence and avoid the display of operating systems’ “untrusted” or “unsigned” warnings that appear when no code signing certificates are used.

Here’s another way of looking at it: When you buy an item at the store, such as a screw driver or a power tool, you feel confident that you know where the product came from and who created it. It’s obvious because you can inspect the physical item yourself to determine:

  • the name of the manufacturer;
  • the condition of the item; and
  • whether has been opened or tampered with.

These factors combined enable you to make a confident decision when making a purchase. Code signing certificates do the same thing for software — they show you the name of the creator and confirm that the software hasn’t been tampered with.

EV Code Signing vs regular code signing pricing and features

At Comodo SSL Store, we offer both EV code signing certificates and standard ones. EV code signing certificates, which stands for extended validation code signing certificates, differ from “standard” code signing certificates in a few ways:

  • An EV certificate offers a significant boost from Microsoft SmartScreen filter for your digitally signed code. Not sure why this is helpful? It means that when someone tries to download or install your application, they could receive the following message (shown in the graphic below). If your software is triggering this type of warning message from SmartScreen, it means that you need an EV code signing certificate.
  • The private key is stored on an external hardware token.
Smart Screen Warnings

If your software is triggering Microsoft SmartScreen application reputation filter warnings like the illustration above, you need an EV code signing certificate to digitally sign your code.

Comparison EV Code Signing Regular Code Signing
Delivery Method Physical Mail Online
Delivery Time 2-10 business days 1-3 Days
Avoid Most Security Warnings YES YES
Avoid Microsoft SmartScreen Filter YES NO
Lowest Price From $288.20/year From $219.45/year
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Code Signing Certificate Comparison of Comodo vs GoDaddy: Conclusion

Comodo SSL Store may offer the cheapest Comodo code signing certificates (EV or Regular) compared to GoDaddy, but don’t let the smaller price tag fool you: Comodo CA offers some of the highest quality code signing certificates available on the market today.

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