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Code Signing Certificates Price & Feature Comparison

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Comodo vs. DigiCert & EV vs Standard Price Comparison: What Code Signing Certificate is the best value?

If you’re comparing prices for code signing certificates, you may have noticed that prices vary significantly by brand and by type.

What’s the difference between the brands and the types of code signing certificates?

Comodo has the most cost-effective Code Signing certificates and you won’t find lower prices than! How do the features compare? Today we’re going to compare Code Signing certificates from two of the most popular Certificate Authorities: Comodo and DigiCert.

While both CAs offer an equally capable certificate, one is a far better value. Let’s take a look:

Comodo Code Signing vs. DigiCert Code Signing Comparison

Comparison Comodo Code Signing DigiCert Code Signing
Brand Comodo DigiCert
2048-bit Digital Signature
Sign 32- and 64-bit executables
Sign Microsoft Authenticode
Sign Windows 8/10
Sign Java
Sign Mozilla
Sign Adobe AIR
Sign Microsoft Office 365
Lowest Price From $219.45/yr From $405.19/yr
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Why pay more when they both do the same things?

Why would you pay at least $100 more per year for essentially the same Code Signing certificate? You wouldn’t, so don’t! The DigiCert certificate doesn’t have any additional features or specifications to justify the higher price. So, who’s the winner of the code signing certificate price comparison? Comodo Code Signing certificates offer the best value.

EV Code Signing vs. Regular Code Signing Pricing & Features

If you’re doing a code signing certificate cost comparison, you may have noticed there’s a big price difference between EV code signing and standard code signing certificates. What’s the difference and which should you buy?

What is EV code signing?

EV Code Signing has two key distinctions from regular Code Signing:

  • The first is a significant reputation boost with Microsoft SmartScreen filter for your digitally signed code. If your software is triggering security warning messages from SmartScreen, you need an EV cert.
  • The second is a private key stored on an external hardware token.
Code Signing Certificate Comparison - Microsoft SmartScreen

If you’re a software publisher facing a Microsoft SmartScreen application reputation filter warning like this, you need an EV code signing certificate.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Comparison EV Code Signing Regular Code Signing
Delivery Method Physical Mail Online
Delivery Time 2-10 days 1-3 days
Avoid most security warnings
Avoid Microsoft SmartScreen filter
Lowest Price From $288.20/yr From $219.45/yr
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Code Signing Certificate Comparison: Conclusion

For what it’s worth Comodo Signing certificates (EV or Regular) are the cheapest option: Comodo is consistently the lowest priced. Couple that with its reputation for unmatched performance and you’ve got a winning security solution that doesn’t pinch your wallet.