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Comodo Positive SSL vs. Instant SSL Comparison

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What’s the difference between Positive SSL and Instant SSL?

Let’s talk about Positive SSL and Instant SSL certificates for a second. At first glance, a lot of Comodo’s SSL offerings look like they overlap. And that’s true to an extent. Every Comodo SSL certificate has a specific use-case in mind. Part of our job is to help you understand the difference. A lot of Web Hosts offer customers both the Positive SSL and Instant SSL certificates.

So let’s compare them to help you figure out what’s right for you website.

Positive SSL vs. Instant SSL: Similarities

Let’s start with what the two certificates have in common, or to put it another way: let’s look at what you’re going to be getting regardless of your decision.

For starters, both the Positive SSL and the Instant SSL are going to help you set up connection security, meaning that you can now serve your website via HTTPS. Regardless of certificate, you’ll have industry-standard encryption protecting any data transmitted between your website and its visitors. Additionally, both certificates can authenticate the server they were registered for, which helps your website avoid those nasty browser warnings.

Both products offer a single domain version and a wildcard ssl version.

Positive SSL vs. Instant SSL: Differences

The biggest difference between the two certificates is the validation involved. For the sake of this exercise we’re just comparing the baseline single domain certificate from both Comodo lines.

Instant SSL certificates are organization validated. Instant SSL is organization validated, meaning that it authenticates not only your server, but your company or organization’s registration information.

Positive SSL certificates are domain validated. A Positive SSL certificate is an extremely low-priced domain validated certificate that can be issued in 5 minutes or less.

This difference is reflected in the pricing.

To make things easier, let’s toss up the features in a table and highlight the big differences.

Positive SSL vs. Instant SSL Comparison Table

Comparison Positive SSL Instant SSL
Brand Comodo Comodo
Validation Type Domain Validation Organization Validation
Site Seal Comodo Positive SSL site seal Comodo Positive SSL site seal
Domains Secured Single Single
Issuance Time Minutes 1-5 Days
Encryption Strength 256-bit 256-bit
Browser Compatibility 99.9% 99.9%
Warranty $10,000 $50,000
Price From $7.02/yr From $27.44