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How to Install Comodo SSL in GoDaddy

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Need to install a Comodo SSL in GoDaddy cPanel? We’ve got you covered

Comodo CA, powered by Sectigo, is a big certificate authority. GoDaddy is a big hosting and web solutions provider. Chances are, if you’re reading an article on how to install a Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy, you’re already familiar with both entities. So, without further ado, here’s how to install a Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy.

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How to Install Comodo SSL in GoDaddy in 12 Steps

  1. Log in to GoDaddy. We really shouldn’t have to spell this out, but this is the internet, so it would be foolish to assume all of you aren’t morons.
  2. Click on cPanel admin.
  3. Navigate to the Security section and select SSL/TLS.Graphic: Install Comodo SSL certificate in GoDaddy cPanel
  4. Under Certificates, click generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.
  5. In the Upload certificates section select the certificate you want to upload and click Upload Certificate.
  6. On the next page, click Go Back.
  7. Click Return to SSL Manager at the bottom of the next page.
  8. Under Install and Manage SSL for your site, click on Manage SSL Sites. Graphic: How to install Comodo SSL in GoDaddy
  9. Under Install an SSL website, select Browse Certificates.
  10. Select the Comodo SSL certificate you’re installing and click Use Certificate.
  11. Click Install Certificate.
  12. Click OK.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed your Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy.