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ssl certificate for website

What Is a Website Security Certificate and Why Do I Need One?

Do you want people to find your ecommerce website? And do you want them to feel comfortable and confident using it to make purchases? Then you need a website security certificate, or what’s known as a website certificate for short. Why? Because it’ll help you to achieve all of these things and more.


HTTPS & SSL Certificates Explained: Website Security 101

If you seek a simple yet profound understanding of SSL certificates, then you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll explain HTTPS and SSL/TLS certificates in language that you can easily understand. That’s why we have “HTTPS and SSL certificates explained” in the title. But before we dive deep into SSL certificates and how they work, let's first have a look at how the world looked before SSL certificates.


Do I Need an SSL Certificate? The Pros Weigh In

Do I need an SSL certificate? Yes, if you have a website, it needs an SSL certificate. Every website needs an SSL certificate. Back in Summer 2018, Google decided that HTTPS was the way to go and HTTP was no longer acceptable. That means that as of last July, every website that doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate installed gets an ugly little “Not Secure” indicator to the left of the address bar.


How to Install Comodo SSL in GoDaddy

Comodo CA, powered by Sectigo, is a big certificate authority. GoDaddy is a big hosting and web solutions provider. Chances are, if you’re reading an article on how to install a Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy, you’re already familiar with both entities. So, without further ado, here's how to install a Comodo SSL certificate on GoDaddy.


SSL: A Client Certificate vs Server Certificate

How client vs server certificates are used for authentication

As of 2018, most website owners are acutely aware of server SSL certificates. Client SSL certificates? Not so much. And that’s a shame because client SSL certificates can play a critical security


How to Get SSL Certificate for Website