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What is a Premium SSL Certificate & Benefits of Premium SSL?

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What Is Premium SSL Certificate?

“Premium SSL certificates” are distinguished variants of the standard SSL certificate. They are specially designed for securing e-commerce websites and come packed with enhanced features and additional benefits. They provide compelling visual assurance via security indicators that instil confidence and trust in your user base. Customers can complete their online transactions over encrypted channels knowing that their confidential information is transmitted securely.

At, we sell two varieties of premium SSL certificates— Instant SSL Premium and Instant SSL Premium Wildcard. Each of these Comodo Instant SSL Premium certificates comes with a dynamic TrustLogo site seal. The seal allows a visitor on the site to verify your business credentials in real time , leading to a direct increase in conversion rates and decreased site abandonment. Comodo’s Instant SSL Premium Wildcard certificate can secure multiple first-level subdomains using a single certificate and comes with a static site seal.

Benefits of a Premium SSL Certificate

Now that we have a fair understanding of what a Comodo Premium SSL certificate is and what it does, let’s dive into its features and consider some of its benefits.

Feature Benefits
Domain Secured: Instant Premium SSL — Single domain name (FQDN) and
Instant Premium SSL Wildcard — Multiple subdomains on a single domain name
Visibility: Organization’s official business name is featured in the certificate
Issuance Time: 1-3 Days
Validation Level: Business validated certificates
Encryption Strength: Up to 256-bit strong encryption with futureproof 2048-bit root keys
Server License: Unlimited
Re-issuance: Unlimited
Site Seal: Instant Premium SSL — Dynamic site seal with real-time business identity verification
Browser Compatibility: Compatible with 99.9% mobile and web browsers
Warranty: $250,000
Customer Support:
  • 24/7 phone, mail and web support
  • Fast-track expert support to ensure your concerns are solved as a priority
Price: Starting at only $54.09 per year

Note: Since these are business validated certificates, the validation process will require you to undergo a simple telephone verification process. You will also need to furnish documents to prove the legal existence of your business as well as proof of domain ownership.