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Code Signing Certificates Price & Feature Comparison

Code Signing Certificate Comparison - Microsoft SmartScreen

Comodo vs. DigiCert & EV vs Standard Price Comparison: What Code Signing Certificate is the best value?

If you’re comparing prices for code signing certificates, you may have noticed that prices vary significantly by brand and by type.

What’s the difference between the brands and the types


Can I Use An SSL Certificate For Code Signing?

code signing extended key usage

SSL/TLS and Code Signing are both X.509 certificates but cannot be used interchangeably

SSL/TLS Certificates and Code Signing certificates are both types of digital certificates that make use of public key encryption, and Comodo offers both– but they do very different things. So


Comodo Encryption For Emails, Documents, & Websites

Comodo CA is the world leader in encryption solutions.

Comodo CA offers a range of encryption options for all use cases. Encryption has never been more important than it is right now. The world has never been more focused on its privacy and good data security is a big part of that.


Code Signing Certificate vs SSL Certificate: What’s The Difference?

SSL and HTTPS enables the Secure Address Bar

What each certificate type does and who should be using them

Code Signing Certificates and SSL Certificates are both digital certificates that use public key encryption, but that’s about where the similarities end. The underlying technical difference between


How to Avoid Code Signing Certificate Expired Issues

How To Avoid Code Signing Certificate Expired Issues Timestamping

Code signing certificates expire, your digital signature doesn’t have to

A Code Signing certificate, like an SSL certificate, is only good for a set period of time. Afterwards it expires and can no longer be used. But that creates a potential problem: what happens to all


Can I create my own self-signed code signing certificate?

Self-Signed Code Certificate

Self-signed code signing certificates must be used for testing only, here’s why…

While you technically can self-sign a Code Signing certificate, a self-signed code signing certificate won’t work for its intended purpose.

Code Signing is extremely important, and it’s misuse


What is Code Signing?

Unknown Publisher Install Warning - Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate

Code signing ensures a software publisher’s identity and assures the software’s integrity

How do you know whether or not you can trust a piece of software you’re trying to download off the internet? How do you know the software was really created by the company you think, and that no malware