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Instructions for Comodo Code Signing Certificate

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Instructions to get your code signing certificate ready in just 3 steps

One of the most important parts of knowing how to use a Comodo code signing certificate is knowing how to get one. Having trouble with the Comodo code signing certificate process? Get started with our three-step Comodo code signing certificate instructions.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate Instructions in 3 Steps

At, we strive to make the certificate issuance process as efficient as possible for all of our customers. Getting a Comodo code signing certificate is composed of three main steps:

  1. Generating the certificate signing request (CSR);
  2. Completing validation; and
  3. Downloading the issued certificate.

Step One: CSR Generation Instructions

To generate your code signing certificate securely and successfully, you’ll need to use Firefox as your internet browser for all of the steps in our Comodo code signing certificate instructions. Firefox is used because it has a specific feature that allows the CSR and private key to be generated with ease. If you don’t have Firefox installed, download it now. If you’re unable to use or download Firefox, contact us.

Note: The private key will be stored in the Firefox certificate manager folder. You’ll receive a copy of this after the certificate has been issued and downloaded in Firefox.

Ready to generate your Comodo code signing CSR? Here are your Comodo code signing certificate instructions for the CSR process:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Log in to your account on
  3. Find your incomplete code signing certificate.
  4. Click Generate Cert Now.
  5. Enter the required certificate information.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. The browser will then generate the key pair and send the CSR to the certificate authority (CA).
  8. You’ll now receive an order number.

You have now finished the first step of our Comodo code signing certificate instructions on the code signing certificate process. You can now proceed to the second main step: completing the validation.

Step Two: Code Signing Validation Instructions

There are four steps in the code signing validation process (for OV code signing certificates), and we’ll cover them in more detail below. These steps are:

  1. Organization authentication;
  2. Locality presence;
  3. Telephone verification; and
  4. Final verification call.

1.      Organization Authentication Instructions

The first task to validating a code signing certificate is organization authentication. In this step, the certificate authority will verify that your organization is registered as a legal entity in the correct locale. If you’re using a trade name or DBA, you’ll also need to be sure all relevant registration filings are up to date.

Preferred Method: Online Government Database

The easiest way for the CA to verify you are who you say you are is by using the relevant online government database. The CA will check the business registration website maintained by your local government that shows the entity registration status. This is the easiest and most time effective method.

Alternative Methods

  • Official entity registration documents;
  • Duns & Bradstreet — A comprehensive DUNS credit report; or
  • Providing a legal opinion letter from your attorney or CPA.

2.      Locality Presence Instructions

The second step in the validation process is the Locality Presence verification, which allows Comodo to confirm that your legal entity has a physical presence in its registered location. Comodo does not actually look at your exactly street address, just your city and state. Most commonly, Comodo will confirm this information by checking the online government database. If the data is not available or doesn’t match, you will have to use a different method (listed below) to verify your local presence.

Alternative Methods

  • Official entity registration documents;
  • Duns & Bradstreet — A comprehensive DUNS credit report; or
  • Providing a legal opinion letter from your attorney or CPA.

3.      Telephone Verification

The third step in the validation process is verifying the telephone number. First, Comodo will confirm that you have an active listed telephone number associated with your business that can be verified by an online telephone directory. The number listed on the directory must be identical to the number submitted when you initially registered. In addition, the listing must exhibit the same verified business name and physical address.

4.      Final Verification Call

The last step in the validation process is the final verification call. This requirement does not include much work and is very simple. In order to finalize the validation process, Comodo needs to speak with the specified applicant using the business telephone number that was previously verified to confirm all of the order details. The call should be brief and straightforward. I

The next step is issuing the Comodo code signing certificate, then you will need to download it.

Step Three: Downloading the Issued Certificate

Congratulations on making it this far — you’re on the third and final step of our Comodo code signing certificate instructions.

After the validation process is completed, Comodo will send you an email with a collection link to the certificate. Here are the final steps of the Comodo code signing certificate instructions:

  1. Using Firefox, follow the link that was sent to your email by Comodo and begin the process of downloading the certificate.
  2. Comodo will provide a JavaScript that will automatically pull the previous private key from your browser’s file system and then install it and the certificate into your Certificate Manager folder.

Next, export the code signing certificate along with the associated private key from Firefox. You’ll want to save it to your computer as a .p12 file.

We hope you’ve found these Comodo code signing certificate instructions both informative and useful.

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