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Can You Use A Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate With Multiple IP Addresses?

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Comodo allows its Wildcards to be used on unlimited servers

Install a wildcard certificate on multiple IP addressesMany Certificate Authorities have strict policies when it comes to how many servers you may install their SSL certificates on. For instance, Symantec makes you pay a license for each server.

Comodo doesn’t believe in this, rather it wants to empower its customers to use its certificates on as many physical servers as they need. This means you can install one certificate on as many servers as you want or need without having to pay any additional fees.

By extension, this means you can use a Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate with multiple IP addresses on your system for all of your sub-domains.

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The advantages of using Comodo Wildcards with different IPs

A Comodo CA Wildcard can be used with multiple IP addresses. For example, you can set up all of your sub-domains to have their own address as determined by the specific name of the sub-domain. That way your mail sub-domain will have a different address than your blog’s.

By creating a sub-domain, you have the ability to point your users to that specific sub-domain without needing to route them through your main domain. This comes in handy for e-commerce businesses with multiple categories of products and items.

Other advantages of Comodo Wildcards

Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates are among the most affordable and effective SSL security solutions on the market.

Just think about it, your Wildcard gives you the flexibility to encrypt your website and all of its sub-domains with just a single certificate. This saves you money. It saves you time managing the certificates and it also covers you for the future. That’s because your Comodo Wildcard will grow with your website. If you add a sub-domain during its lifespan, just re-issue it and your new sub-domain will be covered, too!