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What’s the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate?

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Comodo has a perfect Wildcard SSL solution for every situation

What’s the best wildcard SSL certificate? That’s subjective, of course. But the best Certificate Authority to buy a Wildcard SSL certificate from is Comodo. That’s because Comodo CA has a perfect Wildcard SSL certificate for every situation. Whether you’re a small website with a smaller budget or a massive Enterprise with a myriad of security needs– there’s a Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate for you.

The Advantages of a Wildcard SSL Certificate

For any website with sub-domains, a Wildcard SSL certificate is a no-brainer. Wildcards have a number of advantages over their single domain counterparts:

  • Secures unlimited sub-domains
  • Cheaper than encrypting each sub-domain individually
  • Easier certificate management
  • Choosing the right Wildcard

Every organization has different needs when it comes to a Wildcard SSL certificate. Some are looking for the cost-savings above all else. Some are looking for a balance of cost and security. While others look at a price-point as a secondary consideration to security and ease of deployment. Here are some things to consider when looking for a Wildcard:

  • Price-point
  • Extra features
  • Branding
  • Validation Level (DV or OV)

Q. What’s the best Wildcard SSL Certificate for a Small Business?

A. Positive SSL Wildcard

If you’re a small company or organization looking to secure your domain and sub-domains at a reasonable cost, then the Positive SSL Wildcard is the best security solution you’ll find. The Positive SSL Wildcard is insanely affordable, starting at just $72.31 per year. You’ll also get complimentary malware scanning and a PCI compliance scanner, too.

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Q. What’s the best Wildcard SSL Certificate for a medium-sized business?

A. Instant SSL Premium Wildcard

For businesses that are a bit more established, but could still use a boost when it comes to building trust, the Instant SSL Premium Wildcard affords organizations top-notch security, while also providing verified business details whenever visitors check out the certificate or click a site seal. Instant SSL Premium Wildcard is a nice middle-ground between cost, authentication and security.

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Q. What’s the best Wildcard SSL Certificate for Enterprises?

A. Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard

Comodo’s new Enterprise line of SSL certificates is crafted specifically to meet Enterprise needs. The Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard is a premium wildcard certificate that’s more than capable of securing a company’s entire portfolio of websites quickly and effectively.

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Q. What’s the best Wildcard SSL Certificate for Non-Profits?

A. Essential SSL Wildcard

For non-profits, the Essential SSL Wildcard is a perfect security solution given its low cost, powerful encryption and Comodo branding. Let your visitors know that they’re in good hands and that their communication is safe with you by adding an Essential SSL Wildcard to your domain.

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