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Changing SSL Certificate Provider – How Does It Work?

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There are various instances in which you may want to change SSL certificate or change SSL certificate providers.

Maybe you’ve been trying to contact their customer service but they always put you on hold. Perhaps your current certificate provider doesn’t have a centralized certificate management system like so many other top SSL certificate providers. Maybe you want to upgrade and change SSL certificate.

In all of these cases, you may be wondering what’s the best place to buy SSL certificate and which are the top SSL certificate providers.

In this article, we explain the ins and outs of changing SSL certificate provider.

When Should I Change SSL Certificate Provider?

You should change SSL certificate provider in the following situations.

  • Poor Support: A good SSL certificate provider — such as Comodo — should be available to you 24/7 and have support in multiple languages. If you can’t communicate with the customer support efficiently to resolve issues, you should change SSL provider. 
  • Certificate Management Tools: Does your current SSL certificate provider give you access to a centralized solution for all of your certificates, billing, and management? Does it allow you to set up several access points for different entities in your organization? If not, you should change SSL certificate provider. 
  • Validation Periods: A good SSL provider should issue your DV and OV certificates within a few minutes. If yours takes longer, consider changing your provider. 
  • Cost: Different SSL certificate providers offer different costs and discounts. At ComodoSSLStore, we offer discounts ranging from 50% to 90%.
  • Warranty: Comodo offers an industry-leading warranty of up to $2 million on their enterprise SSL certificates.
  • Seamless Upgrades: Comodo allows users to seamlessly upgrade one version of the certificate to another.

Comodo is currently one of the world’s leading certificate authorities — they are reasonable, compatible with over 99.9% of all browsers, and they have 24/7 support in 10+ languages. If you change SSL certificate provider, you can purchase your new certificates from ComodoSSLStore at a massive discount, starting at only $7.27/yr. 

Will Changing SSL Certificate Provider Cost Me Extra Money?

Changing SSL certificate provider will not cause any disruption to your website’s performance for a number of reasons.

Your current SSL certificate will be active throughout its originally intended duration. As such, you can keep it installed even when you’re purchasing an SSL certificate from a new provider and only uninstall the old certificate after the new one has been installed. This will give you a seamless transition between SSL certificate providers.

It’s possible to have certificates from multiple SSL certificate providers at the same time. As such, purchasing a new certificate doesn’t mean your old one will get revoked.

Basically, the entire process of changing SSL certificate provider is instantaneous. Request a CSR, obtain the new certificate, install the new certificate, and then uninstall the old certificate. The process is completely seamless and invisible to anyone other than you.

The only thing you have to be concerned about is the issuance time of the new certificate. Some SSL certificates are issued in minutes whereas some EV certificates may also take a few days. Don’t uninstall your previous SSL certificate until your new one has been issued and installed.

Positive SSL Certificate

Take advantage of our discounted SSL certificate prices today and get a DV SSL certificate for as little as $7.27 per year.

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Best Place to Replace Certificate Authority

Comodo is currently the best certificate authority on the market for a number of reasons:

  • They give you access to a centralized management system to handle all your certificates for all your domains. 
  • Industry-leading 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root key. 
  • They issue certificates within minutes.
  • The Comodo Site Seal is widely recognized and highly trustworthy.
  • Compatible with over 99.9% of all mobile and desktop web browsers.
  • They provide a warranty of up to $250,000.
  • Efficient 24/7 support in over 10 languages.

ComodoSSLStore is the best place to buy SSL certificate at a reasonable rate and with minimum issuance time. We offer a wide range of SSL certificates — DV, OV, EV, DV Wildcard, Multi-Domain, SAN SSL — with the highest discounts in the industry. 

Switch to COMODO Certificate Authority & Save 85% on SSL Replacement

Comodo PositiveSSL Comodo InstantSSL Premium Comodo PositiveSSL EV
Pricing Listed Price: $49.00/yr. Our Price: $7.27/yr. Listed Price: $179.95/yr. Our Price: $56.06/yr. Listed Price: $149.00/yr. Our Price: $74.99/yr.
Validation Level Domain Control Validation of both domain name and company details before issuance Organization validated to EV guidelines by Comodo – founders of the CA/B forum
Green Address Bar No iCon No iCon Yes iCon
256-bit Encryption Yes iCon Yes iCon Yes iCon
99.9% Browser Recognition Yes iCon Yes iCon Yes iCon
IDN Support Yes iCon Yes iCon Yes iCon
Unlimited Re-issuance Yes iCon Yes iCon Yes iCon
Maximum Term 4 years 4 years 4 years
Speed of Issuance Immediate 1-3 days 1-5 days
Domains Secured single domain Name (FQDN) and single domain Name (FQDN) and single domain Name (FQDN) and
Technical Support Tel (US toll-free), email, online knowledgebase, web-based ticketing system Tel (US toll- free), email, online knowledgebase, web-based ticketing system Tel (US toll- free), email, web-based ticketing system, dedicated Account Manager
Warranty Level $10000 $250000 $1000000
Site Seal Comodo Site Seal
Static site seal
Comodo Dynamic Site Seal Dynamic – TrustLogo delivers real-time verification of business identity Comodo Dynamic Site Seal Dynamic – delivers real-time verification of business identity
Free Unlimited Server Licenses Yes iCon Yes iCon Yes iCon
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