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Free Email Certificate – Can You Get One?

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Looking for a free email certificate? We answer if they exist and look at your best options…

“Can I get a free email certificate?” We keep getting asked this question over and over again. Unfortunately, the answer is no, you can’t. If you had asked us this question some time back, the response would have been the opposite as you could get a free email certificate at one time. Today, that’s no longer the case.

Maybe you’re disappointed with this answer but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t secure your email with an email certificate.. You can get an email certificate for about the cost of a meal at McDonald’s. Yes, they’re that cheap!

There are plenty of affordable email certificate options out there. If you’re wavering on your decision to buy an email certificate because there isn’t a free email certificate option, maybe we can change your mind with some info on the subject. 

Emails: Hackers’ Favourite Path to Break into Your Security

There was a time when almost all work-related virtual communication happened through emails. However, today, we have all sorts of options – be it messaging apps or collaborative platforms. Chances are, you’re using one or more of such apps/platforms. So, let us ask you one question. What if you had to send a very critical message to someone? There’s a good chance it’d be an email.

Therefore, no matter how tech-savvy we get, email is always going to be a part of our daily lives. In 2023, number of emails exchanged per day worldwide are going to be 347, from 293 currently. Many of these emails are for professional reasons and could include super-sensitive product details, financial information, research data, etc. And that’s the reason why hackers start licking their lips when they see an organization that doesn’t have email security in place.

You’d be shocked to learn that around 82% of organizations claim to have faced an attempted email-based security threat in the past year. And the worst part is, 66% of those organizations claim that attacks have had a direct monetary cost to their organization. A quarter of these organizations say these attacks have cost their organization $100,000 or more.

Email Certificates: The Solution that You’re Looking For

There’s no doubt that you need to secure your emails from the wrath of the virtual perpetrators. So, how do you do it? Email security certificates, also known as S/MIME certificates, is the answer. S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is an internet protocol that is used to protect emails, and that’s why these certificates are known as S/MIME certificates.

With an email security certificate, your email security is protected on three sides.

  1. Authentication of the email

    A security certificate makes sure that your email is read only by your intended recipient. This way, both parties get to know who they’re talking to.
  2. End-to-end encryption of the data

    When you send your email to someone, it leaves your server and reaches the server of the recipient. During this transit, there’s a massive risk of your emails getting intercepted or even tampered with. An S/MIME certificate protects you against such attempts by encrypting the information when it’s in transit. This way, no hacker in the world will be able to see the data, let alone tamper with it.
  3. You can digitally sign your emails

    With an email security certificate, you can digitally sign your emails that prove your legitimacy and protect the integrity of your emails. It works much better than handwritten signatures, as no one can forge your digital signature.

There’s No Free Email Certificates, But They’re Just $12.95/Year

CPAC BasicCPAC ProCPAC Enterprise
Ideal ForFreelancers, Sole ProprietorsSmall OrganizationsMedium and Large Organizations
Validation RequirementsDomain ControlDomain Control
Identity Verification
Domain Control
Identity Verification
Organization Validation
Max. Terms3 years3 years3 years
Encryption Strength2048 bit2048 bit2048 bit
Browsers Compatibility100% email client & Browser compatibility100% email client & Browser compatibility100% email client & Browser compatibility
Certificate fileds[email protected][email protected]
First Name, Last Name
[email protected]
First Name, Last Name
Company Name
Company Address
Server LicensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email EncyptionYESYESYES
Client AuthenticationYESYESYES
Document SigningYESYESYES
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Comodo, the world’s most trusted certificate authority, might have stopped issuing free email certificates, but they surely haven’t stopped issuing email certificates – and that too at trademark Comodo prices. These email certificates are known as Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates

By installing CPAC, you can digitally sign, encrypt, and authenticate your emails. And the best part is the ease it offers. Just a few clicks, and your emails will be protected using Comodo’s unconquerable encryption technology. Comodo offers several options for CPAC – starting from very basic to super-advanced. Here are they:

Last Word: You Need Email Certificates Even if They’re Not Free

We know you came here looking for a free email certificate , but unfortunately, they don’t exist anymore. However, what does exist is Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate . You can get these certificates at super-cheap prices and protect your emails from the wrath of virtual criminals. Remember, when you spend on security for your business, it’s  an investment, not a “cost.”

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What is S/MIME? How does it work? Do I need S/MIME?