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What’s The Cheapest Code Signing Certificate?

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Comodo Code Signing certificates are the cheapest available– we guarantee it. sells Comodo digital certificates for the cheapest you’ll find them anywhere on the internet, that includes Comodo Code Signing Certificates.

We know that a lot of developers are working on shoestring budgets, and companies just don’t want to overspend. We’ve got you covered. Comodo Code Signing certificates start as low as $219.45 for both organizations and individual developers. Nobody beats those prices. We guarantee it.

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The Cheapest Code Signing Certificates

Nobody sells trusted Code Signing Certificates for less than Comodo. And you won’t find Comodo Code Signing certificates priced lower anywhere than Code Signing certificates are critical in today’s high security environments. Your certificate comes with a private key that can apply your digital signature to any script or executable you’re releasing. Without one, your users will get a browser warning about the download originating from an unknown source. Only Code Signing can avoid those download-killing browser warnings.

What makes Comodo Code Signing certificates different?

Here’s something that most sites won’t tell you: Code Signing Certificates are all the same. Sure, there’s an Extended Validation option which requires more authentication, does provide a substantial boost with Microsoft SmartScreen. But amongst regular Code Signing Certificates (and even with EV) the act of signing is the same. As long as it was issued by a trusted CA, the browsers will trust the signature and everything will proceed as plan.

So here’s the key question: Why would you pay hundreds more for a product that does the same thing as a $219.45 one?

Symantec and DigiCert may want you think you’re getting more value by overpaying– you’re not.

So don’t.

How much does a Comodo Code Signing Certificate cost?

Comodo Code Signing certificates start at $219.45 for a three-year certificate. Or you can get a one-year certificate for $313.50. They are available for both organizations and individual developers.

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Q. Why do Code Signing certificate expire?

Security. Not every developer lights the world on fire with their software. In fact, many go out of business quickly. If Code Signing certificates didn’t expire, there would be a huge risk from the possibility one of those certificates from a now-defunct developer could be used nefariously to sign malware and fool browsers into accepting the download. Ergo, Code Signing certificates have a finite lifespan.

Q. What happens to my digital signature after the certificate expires?

That depends on whether you timestamped it. A timestamp is kind of like a notary stamp, it indicates that the code was signed at a verified date and time when its certificate was still valid. As long as a timestamp is present in the signature block, browsers will trust the software. However, if you failed to add the timestamp your signature expires with your certificate. Don’t worry, adding a timestamp is free. All it costs is one additional step in the signing process.